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How We Don’t Live Out Our Confessionality, Why it is Unintelligible and Offensive to Many, and Why We Need to Stop It

How does a Common Cultural North American understand a church “confession”? Tim Keller in a video on his book  Center Church talks about the common baseline assumptions North Americans have with respect to God and religion. He describes it in … Continue reading

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Tim Keller: “Our Call: Holy Living”

Notes I’m taking on Tim Keller’s sermon “Our Call: Holy Living” from 1 Peter 1:13-16 preached on May 18,2014 Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean just “turning over a new leaf”, but Jesus Christ’s resurrection power comes into our lives. That’s … Continue reading

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Tim Keller Interview on Unbelievable

Nice interview with Tim Keller on the English Radio Program “Unbelievable” and a transcript

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Christian Reflections on the Subject of Risk by Tim Keller

Recycles “relocate your glory” This is from one of my “go to” Keller sermons Praying Our Fears Cites Benjamin Nugent Upside of Distraction on Monomania When good writing was my only goal, I made the quality of my work the measure … Continue reading

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Sabbath Keeping, the Most Gloriously Arbitrary Commandment

Blue Laws Bergen County’s blue laws — the rules that keep most of the county’s stores closed on Sundays — are being scrutinized for signs of weakness by groups that believe the time is right to repeal them. Politicians have … Continue reading

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Notes from “In the Beginning” by Tim Keller

Preached by Tim Keller January 5 2014 Passage is the Prologue of the Gospel of John It begins with a claim The word is personal The word is divine This person was never created the source of all life That … Continue reading

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Notes on “Wisdom: How To Live It” by Tim Keller

My notes from Tim Keller’s sermon Wisdom: How To Live It We need wisdom. Three things that characterize a wise life: A glorious fight A guarded heart A living word A Glorious Fight

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