Primer on Relationship Issues

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

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Peter Enns on the Exodus Movie and Historical Plausibility


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Pope Francis Filtered

First Things. How he has become what the left wants to see in a pope.

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Seth Godin on Balloons and Markets

Seth Godin

But the opening is wide open now. The market has been offered infinity. Instead of a narrow, scarce selection of hits, those that consume media can have all of it, all the time. The long tail plus bite-sized pieces plus constant snacking.

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These Three Remain: Outrage, Insight and Tribalism, but the Greatest of These is Outrage


For Religion on the Internet: These three remain: outrage, insight, tribalism, but the greatest of these is outrage. 

Outrage is to self-righteousness as lust is to adultery. 

Slate called 2014 the year of outrage. I’m sure 2013 was close and 2015 might be greater still.

I noticed something the other day over at Rachel Held Evan’s blog.  Hmm, I should back up.

I first discovered her blog before her first book came out. She has written a post about finding a Reformed church in the East and the tribalist within me wanted to encourage her so I left a comment. At that time her blog was small. I much prefer small, quiet, sleepy blogs where comments stay in the low double figures at most. You actually have a hope of a real conversation. She had a moniker on the blog which was something like “blogger, writer, speaker” and part of me said “wow, she’s ambitious but probably a bit idealistic if she thinks she’ll be able to make a career out of this.”

Her first book of course I think caught the voice of a segment of a generation of young evangelicals. The comment numbers on her blog exploded. She’s been able to turn the corner on a writing career it seems. Monkey town/Faith Unraveled and then Year of Biblical Womanhood seemed to be successes. She gets speaking gigs, her name is known, she’s a voice. She did it.  Continue reading

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How to win any argument

Stop trying. Once the argument starts persuasion stops. Time

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There Really Was A Tree

Tolkien’s Euchatastrophe and Leaf by Niggle from Tim Keller’s Every Good Endeavor

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